shesgottaread (shesgottaread) wrote,

A lovely day in the neighborhood...

...with no disrespect meant to Mr. Rodgers, it's actually a crappy day
in the neighborhood.

Ice, Ice, Ice. But I got to go in late, although I had done some work
from home this morning. Frustratingly, there was only so much I could do
about the sidewalk in front of my house. You see, there's a bit of a
slope from the main court sidewalk down to the fence gate. And the ice
accumulation last night seems to have been highest at the top half of
the slope, leaving the bottom half, next to the gate to be a thin sheet
of just ice this morning.

When the coating is that light, it doesn't scrape away very well. So I
put out chemical and did the slip-slide around my auto to clear the windows.

In other - non-weather related - news, I'm trying out the option of
posting by email! This is one of the reasons I went ahead and took
advantage of the Permanent account sale this past December. If it works,
then I'll maybe actually post more.
Tags: ramblings
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